Empire State Building Goes Purple

by Gabby

Empire State Building

New York shows it’s support for Lupus and Lupus awareness by making the Empire State Building light up purple!!! These are the kind of things that show fighting for Lupus is all worth it and can bring everyone together to fight for such a worthy cause. I want to do things like this in my hometown of Pittsburgh. So I am brainstorming and stay tuned. If anyone has any ideas or connections to make these things possible let me know.


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Rebecca Carpenter

What have you done thus far about the purple building light? Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help ; I know someone in the Mayor’s office who might be able to direct you to the right people~

Dr. Carpenter



    I personally have not done anything, especially not the Empire State Building, Julain Lennon instituted that because he is a huge advocate for Lupus awareness. My goal is and has always been to do something like that in Pittsburgh! If you could do anything to help I would really appreciate that. I was looking into the Gulf Tower since it changes colors. But if you have any other ideas that would be amazing.


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