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Inflammation and pain of the joints Fatigue Headaches Hair loss Abnormal blood clotting Anemia (low numbers of blood counts) Fever Raynaud’s (fingers and or toes turning white or blue/purple from lack of blood circulation) Mouth and or nose ulcers Malar rash (also known as the butterfly rash because it looks like a butterfly going from…

Warmer Weather Means More Precautions

by Gabby

I can be changed2

Since Lupus is a chronic auto-immune disease it means that my immune system is different than others. This disease will never go away and my immune system mistakes my body, tissues, and organs as foreign invaders and so therefore it attacks itself. As the weather warms up, that means more sun and with Lupus that…


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I am sure most of you have heard by now or you may have heard through the grapevine that I was in the hospital. I was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday, March 11th, however, it all actually started that Monday, March 9th. I had severe pains in my stomach that mimicked a gallbladder attack…

My Malar Rash & IT Cosmetics

by Gabby

IT Cosmetics-LA2

This past summer I was chosen to be part of a commercial for IT Cosmetics. This commercial just aired this weekend. Check your local listings on TV for the commercial, it is called “No more wrinkles! Say byebye now and look younger”. I feel so blessed to be a part of this commercial and to…

Empire State Building Goes Purple

by Gabby

Empire State Building

New York shows it’s support for Lupus and Lupus awareness by making the Empire State Building light up purple!!! These are the kind of things that show fighting for Lupus is all worth it and can bring everyone together to fight for such a worthy cause. I want to do things like this in my…

Outlets 8/4/14

by Gabby


No matter what you are going through in life, I believe everybody needs an outlet. My outlet has always been music. If I’m upset, stressed, or had a rough day I know listening to music or playing my guitar can center me again. Finding that outlet can be a real key to a healthier, happier…

Hope 7/22/14

by Gabby


Hope. It is so strange that such a small word can give such strength and power to those who believe in it and have it. I believe everybody should have hope. When life throws you a curve ball or gives you a disease like Lupus, you learn that in these hard times that some things…

Why Not Me 6/29/14

by Gabby


When you are going through a struggle like Lupus I think asking a question like why? isn’t helpful. I never have asked why, I have always said why not me? I believe I was given this disease to help others and explain to the world that Lupus is. You could drive yourself crazy asking yourself…