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What is Lupus?

Being Diagnosed

Lupus is often diagnosed through blood and urine testing, medical history, physical examination and your symptoms. Some of the Laboratory tests may include: a CBC, SED rate, ANA, Urinalysis...

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Symptoms of Lupus

Inflammation and pain of the joints, Fatigue, Headaches, Hair loss,Abnormal blood clotting, Anemia, Fever, Raynaud’s, Mouth and or nose ulcers, Malar rash ,Edema, Photosensitivity...

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What Lupus Means To Me

Lupus always makes things in life interesting but you have to keep on going on and keep a positive outlook on life. You make jokes where you can and learn to appreciate the little things...

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Who We Are?

Meet Gabby

Meet Gabby

“When I was in sixth grade I began to have severe joint pain, swelling, fevers, and anemia. For me, that is where my journey with Lupus really begins. From there I began to have more significant and severe symptoms. After years of testing and various doctors I found a doctor that believed my struggle and wanted to help me. Now I want to share my journey with Lupus – tips on how to stay strong, persevere, and spread the word about Lupus awareness.”


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